We are the Rieder family

The family run hotel with its abundance to the city centre offers you a comfortable and cosy but modern equipped accommodation. Warm hospitality and a cosy ambiance represent our themes: grapes and apricots

We invite you to spend wonderful evenings at our wine estates. Find out more about our fine wines at individual tastings and personal tours in our family run winery.

Our historic ambiance at the Eisenhuthaus (www.eisenhuthaus.com) is the perfect location for your catered business events and seminars as well as the unique location with it´s special barn for locating events”Altes Bauernhaus“ (Old farm)

Wein Hotel Rieder

Unterer Markt 2
2170 Poysdorf
T: +43 (0) 2552 / 40202

In the wine district of Poysdorf, a place with a special atmosphere awaits you in the stylishly restored Eisenhuthaus, a Renaissance residential palace dating back to 1540, where you can enjoy culture & cuisine and where young & old can meet. The Eisenhuthaus, Poysdorf’s oldest house, is a popular venue for both locals and guests and combines the historic structure of the building with modern architecture.

In the unique atmosphere of the Eisenhuthaus, a coffeehouse invites guests to try the delicacies from its own bakery, while a guest tract situated above the arcades provides the perfect atmosphere where guests can leisurely end the day and stay for a few days to explore the wine district.

Oberer Markt 10
2170 Poysdorf

T: +43 (0) 2552 / 40202
E: office@eisenhuthaus.com

Rieder’s “Heuriger Veltliner Hof” extends his viniculture abroad and his premises offer a place of exchange and meeting.

“Wine makes people more friendly, takes away invisible barriers between people and loosens the tongue. The sooner one loses one’s introspection, the sooner one finds oneself. What is the true me? The “sober” me or that which the wine releases, thereby getting rid of barriers to sociability…so wine becomes a ubiquitous peace mission…”

A quotation from the book “Wine and Bread”, by author Wine-Vicar Denk.
Stylishly furnished “Heuriger Rieder – Veltliner Hof offers you the possibility to arrange family or corporate celebrations in three venues.

The wine cellar offers all guests the possibility to get to know all about the origin of wines.
Within opening hours you can take advantage of wine tasting and, as the case may be, buying.

Weingut Familie Rieder
Brünnerstraße 5b
A-2170 Poysdorf
Tel: +43 (0) 2552 / 40202 oder +43 (0) 2552 / 2194
Email: office@veltlinerhof.com

Celebrations and seminars at the “Altes Bauernhaus” (Old farm)

“Altes Bauernhaus” (Old farm) run by the Rieder family is an ideal and unique place for any private and business events

Special booking arrangement for unforgettable festive moments (50 – 200 persons)
The old wine cellar and beautiful archs are unique eye catchers.
Individual catering offers for your party.

Altes Bauernhaus
Brunngasse 48
2170 Poysdorf
T: + 43 (0) 2552 / 40202

As evidence has shown, the fertile upland around Poysdorf has been inhabited and cultivated for more than 6000 years. In particular the friable soil and wide temperature fluctuations between day and night have been the decisive factors for the fruitiness and complexity of our grapes.

Very important as well for the cultivation of flavour is the vineyard’s hinterland and surroundings. Forests, meadows and grain fields enclose the vineyards here in the Veltlin district. The peppery green Veltlin is not the only speciality which springs from this relationship.

The light wind which mostly blows from the cooler Czech forests contributes to the good airing of the vineyards. Our region has the great advantage of having the most sunny days in all Austria. These natural agents contribute to the equable ripening of our grapes.

Wolfgang Rieder’s absorption in winegrowing follows an inquisitiveness and continual striving for the best results. Diligent work in the vineyard, careful handling of grapes and meticulous cellar management – all maintains a focus on the highest standard.

Familie Rieder
Brünnerstraße 5b
A-2170 Poysdorf
T: +43(0)2552/2194
F: +43(0)2552/3169

More than 260 years’ winegrowing is a part of our family’s history. This is a tradition where the parents’ trust in the abilities of their descendants is handed down to the next generation.

He who considers his occupation a vocation puts all his senses and strivings into it, and in my case is rewarded with a gift – a wine of unique unchangeable character.

There was nothing spectacular which gave me a passion for winegrowing, only the simple beauty of nature which I can humbly emulate.

The feeling for symbiosis between earth and heaven, tradition and innovation, high technology and ecological thrift determine the trend in all my endeavours.